Samples of Premium Wallpapers

These are just a few samples of the wallpapers included in the Premium Category. Premium wallpapers are added every Sunday.
(Last Updated: 3rd Jan, 2021)

Wave Length 13 Wave Length 11 Color Art BW Tranquillity Chamomile Tranquillity Stevia Tranquillity Grass Tranquillity Lavender Tranquillity Calendula Tranquillity Chamomile Violet Tranquillity Stevia Red Tranquillity Grass Blue Tranquillity Lavender Green Tranquillity Calendula Purple Dolphins Pixel Boxes Blue Abstract Features Dolphins 3 Dolphins Sun Dolphins Sun 4 Dolphins Sun 8 Dolphine Moon 4 Iceland Curvy Road Rays Coral Space Aura 13 Space Aura 11 Iceland Black Beach Ice Rays Green Space Aura 9 Rays Amber Space Aura 4 Rays Blue Spiral Road macro Sunset India Spiral 16 Scenic Landscape India Spiral 17 Forest Lake Misurina Italy Yellow Flower Field Spiral 18 Long Road Evening India The Room Black Mauritius Giant Tortoise The Room Pink 2 Floral Sky The Room Blue 2 Yellow Flowers Nebula Strokes Wilderness Mauritius Stripes Twist Colorful Flower Macro Stripes Twist Colorful 11 Nebula Strokes Stripes Twist Colorful 3 Stripes Twist Colorful 2 Moonsoon Fields India Nebula Strokes 4 Stripes Twist Colorful 13 Stripes Twist Colorful 14 Stripes Twist Colorful 7 Nebula Strokes 2 Stripes Twist Colorful 8 Nebula Strokes Stripes Twist Colorful 16 Stripes Twist Violet Mauritius Sailing Lines Black 2 City Fireworks Neon Cyan Mauritius Flip Flop Sunset Lines 7 Eiffel Tower Neon White City Fireworks Neon Yellow Lines White Mauritius Ocean Sunset 3 Eiffel Tower Neon Blue City Fireworks Neon Cyan Waves Gradient 2 Mauirtius Mountain Galaxy Grunge Vector 5 Mauirtius Ocean Sunset Mauirtius Beach Sunet God Rays Waves Gradient 10 Grunge Vector 5 Skogafoss Waterfall Iceland Blue Split Dark Alien World 6 Macro Ice Beach Iceland Alien World 10 Spli Red Light Alien World 5 Colors 3 Sunset View from Amalfi Italy Criss Cross Positano Italy Criss Cross 4 Lion Walk Mauritius Criss Cross 6 View from Amalfi Italy Geo Mess Geo Mess Geo Mess Light Paint Swirl 2 Scenic Evening Mauritius Flowing Colors 6 Night Stars Mauritius Tech Bokeh Neon Lines Hexagon Blur Purple beach Sunset Mautritius Parrot Painting Grunge Polka Dots Thingvellir Iceland Paint Abstract Light Jelly Fish Grunge Scratches Underwater Bokeh Oil Paint Rainbow Grunge Bricks Polka Galaxy Beach Sunset Mauritius Paint Abstract 3 Grunge Boxes