Competition 2 Status: Starting on June 26th

Competition 2 Duration: 1 Month

In Collaboration with:


To Participate:

  • Create a homescreen setup where you use any wall from MyWallApp.
  • Upload it on MyScreenie Website with hashtag #mywallapp and also add MyWallApp Google Play Link on the post.
  • Share this myscreenie post on twitter, Facebook or other social media.
  • Every day winner setup which gets the most likes will be choosen. Creator of this setup will win one GSeth icon pack promo code of his choice
  • Creator of the setup which gets the most likes and in the same time is also awarded with the "screen of the day", win 2 GSeth icon pack promo codes of his choice.


  • Only Free or Premium walls from MyWallApp Android Application.
  • Can Use any Icon Pack / default icons.
  • Can Use any / default / no widgets.
  • Competition is only for the Android Platform.


  • Winners will be announced every day on myscreenie social media. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Mewe)

Eligible Icon Packs

Currently all icon packs are under an upgradation process. All will be upgraded to the latest version and Android standard and all will have 3500+ icons by the time competition ends. Some of the icon packs will show "not available in your region". All will be made available in whatever region Google Allows as and when they are updated. Rest assured you will be able to use them if Google Play is present in your country and redeem the code. List of Icon Packs are as follows (update status will change here on this page):

Definition of Updates:

  • Major Update: Requires DashBoard Change, over 50-100 new icons, 500+ App Id Fixes.

  • Moderate Update: Requires DashBoard Update, over 5-30 new icons, 50+ App Id Fixes.

  • Minor Update: Requires DashBoard Update, over 5-10 new icons, 10-20+ App Id Fixes.

Competition 1: Ended June 20, 2020

Entries received: 69 / Results

Special Thanks to Arthur (@AMagno68) for organizing and helping in this competition.

Page Last Updated: 20th June 2020